2009 Results

2009 Show results

Heavy Horses:

Champion exhibit  – Broomsgrove Enya – Mr R Calder
Reserve –  Acorn Princess – Mr CD Morris
Best Mare – Best Decorated –  Gronant Charlies Girl – Mr T Lloyd


Beef Cattle Interbreed Championship
Champion –  Mr/Mrs  T Bodily with  Black ‘N’ Blue Cleopatra
Reserve – Mr R Kinnish with  Kinaston Badoncia

Beef Cattle Group of Four Interbreed Championship
Champion Group – Limousins
Reserve Group: – British Blue

Champion –  Davies & Spooner with Westwood Advancer
Reserve – PJ & AC Allman with Greenyards 1 Jubilee 3rd

Champion – Mrs C Williams with Wilodge Diamante
Reserve –  Mrs C Williams with Wilodge Dallaglio

British  Blonde
Champion – Mr R Kinnish with Kinaston Badoncia
Reserve –  Mr R Kinnish with Kinaston Carlos

British Blue
Champion – Mr/Mrs T Bodily with Black ‘N’ Blue Cleopatra
Reserve – Mr G Morgan./BlackNBlue with Black ‘N’ Blue Diesel

Champion – Mrs EM Hallififled with Dunstall Harriett
Reserve – Messrs. JS & JW Brigg with Gorse Plumber

Champion – Mr G Godber with Holberrow Flinn
Reserve – BT & MT Finch & Cadd with Hillesden Olga

Any Pure Bred Beef Cattle
Champion – Mr BM Robinson with Shamleys Cassandra (Charolais)
Reserve –  Mrs SM Hill with Wallace of Cim (Highland)

Commercial Beef
Best Single Animal – Williams & Tippetts with Ooh La La – LimX
Reserve Champion – Williams & Tippetts with Buck Off – LimX

Champion – Wilfred Maddocks Ltd. with Wyndford Zenith Morn 39
Reserve Champion –  Mr RJ Clare with Hawksmoor Baroness

Any Other Breed & Commercial Dairy
Champion & Reserve exhibits – S&S Murray (Farms) Ltd.

Interbreed Dairy Championship
Champion  –  Wilfred Maddocks Ltd.
Reserve – S & S Murray (Farms) Ltd.

Dairy Calves: Winner – Hannah Morgan with Woodend Etvie Lyndy

Beef Calves: Charlie M-Jones with Church Preen Model F9.


Interbreed Group of Three Championship
Champion Group – Mr P Tait with British Rouge
Reserve Group – R & R Powell with Kerry Hill

Interbreed Championship
Champion – W. Price with Bleu de Maine
Reserve – JR Morgan with Ryelands

Champion – SJ Smith
Reserve – B & EA Gutteridge

Champion – Mrs J McAree
Reserve –  Mrs J McAree

Champion – GS & SB Taylor
Reserve – Mr/Mrs J Pryce

British Charollais
Champion – DB Roberts
Reserve – A Moseley

British Rouge
Champion – P. Tait
Reserve – P. Tait

Champion – P & C Andrews
Reserve – Mrs S Peters

British Berrichon
Champion  –  T Stayt
Reserve – HM Shakespeare

Champion – Mrs M McConkey
Reserve – TJ & RM Davies

Champion – Mrs S Farquhar
Reserve – AL & ME Webb

Clun Forest
Champion – WG Smith
Reserve – J & J Shepperson

Kerry Hill
Champion – R & R Powell
Reserve –  HM Gibbons

Champion – K Carpenter
Reserve – JL & J Emberton

Coloured Ryelands
Champion – C & E Bateman
Reserve – Mrs SJ McVicar

Champion – JR Morgan
Reserve – J & S Donovan & Sons

Any Pure Bred Ram or Ram Lamb
1st  – WJ Price
2nd – NTB & J Radnor

Any Pure Bred Ewe or Ewe Lamb
1st – R Powell
2nd – EJ Morgan

Pair of Cross Bred Breeding Ewes
1st –  C Amphlett & Son
2nd – C Amphlett & Son

Pair of Cross Bred Breeding Ewe lambs
1st – C Amphlett & Son
2nd – C Amphlett & Son

Smallholders – Pair of Ewes to have reared lambs in 2008
1st – ML HOlmes
2nd – IE & D Downes

Pair of Ewe Lambs suitable for Breeding
1st – ML Holmes
2nd – O Birks

Pair of Butchers Lambs
1st – IE & D Downes
2nd – O Birks

Prime Butchers Lambs
Best Exhibit Overall – MW Hamer

One single X Bred lamb, any weight, untrimmed
1st – MW Hamer
2nd MW Hamer

Pair of X Bred lambs sired by a British Native Breen Ram, any weight untrimmed
1st – Alice Green
2nd – Gr Fountaine

Pair of X Bred lambs, sired by a Continental Breed Ram
livewight 72 kg and over untrimmed
1st – MW Hamer
2nd – G Poyner

Pair of X bred lambs, sired by a Continental Breed Ram
liveweight under 72 kg untrimmed
1st – MW Hamer
2nd MW Hamer

Combined Live/Dead Lamb Carcass Competition:
Overall Champion (Live/Carcass)  – P Morris

Ludlow Market – Live lambs
1st – MW Hamer
2nd – C Amphlett & Son

Bridgnorth Market – Live lambs
1st – P Morris
2nd F & M Sturgess

1st – P Morris
2nd – AG Kirton & Sons

Pet Lambs
Led by child 10 years or under
1st –  Caitlin Carpenter with Minty
2nd – Emma Johnson with Sweetie Pie
Led by child 11 to 16 years
1st – Vikki Powell with L-For
2nd – Alice Watkins with Timmy

Fleece Competition
One single fleece from 2009 clip of Lowland type
1st – A. Harvey, 2nd – T Price, 3rd – W Green.

One single fleece from 2009 clip of Hill type
1st – M Radmore, 2nd – J Heighway, 3rd – AJ Morris

One single fleece from 2009 clip of Natural coloured Type
1st – A Green, 2nd – P Ball, 3rd – B Rogers.

The Henry Yates Cereal Sample Classes
Champion Exhibit – Neil Preece


Hunters – Ridden (run under SHB(GB) rules
Champion – WF Adams on Arkanbrook
Reserve Champion – S Woolley on Zara.

Hunter Breeding & Youngstock – In hand
Yearling – Winner – Andy Dalby with Raindance III
Two year old – Winner – Sarah Edwards with Secret Illusion
Three year old – Winner – T&L Walton-Barnes with A-Day-In-Ireland
Hunter Brood Mare – Winner – Mrs H webb with Clarissa
Hunter Foal – Winner – Mrs H Webb with Archfield Jericho

Sport Horse Youngstock – In hand
Yearling – Winner – Mark McKay with Waldon Wild Blade
Two year old – Winner – Ann Blythe with Comanche Caramel
Three year old – Winner – T & L Walton-Barnes with A-Day-In-Ireland.

Best Working Hunter
Novice Working Hunter – Winner – Charlotte Evans on William.
Best Working Hunter – Winner – Bonnie Fishburn on San Francisco II

Leading Rein
1st – Gordon Lloyd on Morwyn Bronze Wispa
2nd – George Hanson on Sky Crusader

Open First Ridden Pony
1st –  Megan Thomas on Mullens Madeline
2nd –  Tyler Tweede on Little Oscar

Working Hunter Ponies
Champion – Jo Hollinshead on Commauns Glory
M&M WHP – Winner – James Painter on Willoway Applejack

Welsh Section “A”
Champion – Mrs A Yarnold-Wright with Doddenhill Coral Chloe
Reserve –  – Mrs A Yarnold-Wright with Doddenhill Coral Lily.

Welsh Section “B”
Champion – Mrs RM Andrew with Bronheulog She’s A Lady
Reserve – A Butler with Hanmere Romeo

Shetland Ponies
Champion – J Sherratt with Winsomes Pip
Reserve – S Penfold with Ringkay Rambo

Mountain & Moorland
Champion – Jones & Ingram with Trefnant Sheeza Lady
Reserve – Mrs S Hardin with Auric Carsons

Champion – Karen Duffy with Mahaala
Reserve – Mrs GK Fletcher with Fairley Kestrel
Best Pure Bred 1-3 years – JR Booton with Jazeebah Emeera
Best Pure Bred 4 years and Over – Karen Duffy with Mahaala
Anglo or Part Bred Arab – in hand, any age – Mrs GK Fletcher with Fairley Kestrel.

Best Ridden
1st – Della Theobald on Highlander
2nd – Mrs K Hall on Shariq

Junior Open Unaffiliated Show jumping
1st –  Robbie Skyrme on Doolally Tap
2nd – Reece Miller on Scooby Doo

Horse & Hount Foxhunter 1st Round
1st – Charlotte Bradbury on Miador
2nd – Ian Wynne on Palmiena N

Senior Open Unaffiliated Show Jumping
1st –  Leanne Lloyd on Windstar
2nd – Katy williams on Bruno

Open Competition for Registered Horses
1st – Sophie Handley on Diamonds Alfie
2nd – Ian Wynne on Don Douglas

Private Driving
Style & Performance
1st – Mandy Reddock with Just Jasper
2nd – Avril Pluck with Louis

Pleasure/Exercise type vehicle
1st – Mrs JL Cartwright with Just Toto
2nd – Mandy Reddock with Just Jasper

13.2 hh and under
1st – Mrs S Allison-Smith with Royal Oak Blaze
2nd –  Julie Wedgbury with Pentreflin Romeo

Over 13.2 hh
1st – Mr T Allison with Forewood Ambassador
2nd – Mr R Smith with Royal Blue

Coucours d’Elegance
1st – Mandy Reddock with Just Jasper
2nd – Mr T Allison with Forewood Ambassador

Show Cobs – (Unaffiliated)

Best Ridden
1st – Theresa Simkins on Macmillan
2nd – Leah Darby on Cilla

Best Working
1st – Mrs J Shootsmith on Iggy Pop
2nd –  Katie Staniland on Blue Thunder

Coloured/Spotted Horse & Pony (unaff.)
Champion – in-hand  –  Mrs M Merell with Woodfield Cameo
Reserve – Rosemary Morris with Dylan

Open Ridden
Champion  – Kim Warren on Mullawn Lad
Reserve – David Whittard on Comanche Deuce

Dressage (unaffiliated)

Senior – 1st – Clare Callow on John Diamond
Junior – 1st – Holly Needham on Peasedown Pablo Picasso

Prelim 10 (2002)
1st – Rebecca Wrelton on Just Ranger
2nd – SA Goodall on Rhodes Sydner

Novice 28 (2008)
1st – Rebecca Wrelton on Just Ranger
2nd – Naomi Dobson on Henry

Pick Your Own Test
1st – Beverly Hudson on Emag Express
2nd – Rebecca Wrelton on Just Ranger

Open In-Hand Veteran Horse & Pony

Best Veteran
1st – Joynce richards with Perry Boy
2nd – Nick Corbett with Cottage Tobias

Open Mounted Fancy Dress
1st – Rosie & Natalie Barker on Top Rock Verity
2nd – Alexandra Mitra on Archie
3rd – Clay Swinbourne on Bert.

Best Senior
Alexandra Mitra

Home Section Marquee

The NRN Collis Cookery Perpetual Challenge Cup – N. Thomas
The Keith Alderson Novice Perpetual Challenge Cup – S Yardley
The T W Jones Perpetual Cup for Junior Cookery – 12-16 years – Hannah Rose
the Diana Taylor Perpetual Cup for Junior Cookery – 11 years & under – Susan Povall
The BDAS Handicraft Perpetual Cup – H. Lewis
The Ludlow Motors Novice Perpetual Challenge Cup – C. Morris
Coats Craft Class winner –  E. Small
Patons Perpetual Shield – E. Chandler
The W I Perpetual Challenge Shield – Caynham W.I.
The BDAS Children’s Perpetual Cup – Laura Yates
The Wilf & Edwyna Bennett Perpetual Challenge Cup – Nax Hadoke
Perpetual Challenge Cup presented by Mr & Mrs L Carter – highest points in Floral Art classes – S. Bufton
The Arcadia Perpetual Challenge Cup – Best Floral Art exhibit – S. Bufton

Horticultural Classes

BDAS Pewter Tankard – Mr R Ingram
BDAS Horticultural Challenge Cup – D. Smith
The Richard Nott Challenge Trophy – Mrs D Ingram

Young Farmers Competitions

The Gordon Morgan Perpetual Challenge Cup for club gaining highest number of points on Show day –

The Dowager Viscountee Boyne Perpetual Challenge Cup for club gaining most points in Home Section –

The Vivian Dunn Perpetual Challenge Cup for Member gaining most points in Cereal section –

The Claire Moreton Perpetual Rose Bowl for Individual Female Member gaining most points in the individual classes –

The Chris Pearce Memorial Shield for Individual Male Member gaining most points in the individual classes –


Winner –  Hingley & Callow
Runner up –  McVeigh Parker

Best Small Tradestand – The Barometer Shop, Leominster.

Vintage Trophy –

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